My Interface to the world English / 日本語


I'm writing this as I'm being interviewd by NYC One TV...

I've been heavily dependent on VideoChat to keep up with my learning. I'm pretty sure this is the future of self-learning environment for adults (Why would you have to go to Starbucks just to concentrate on your study?).

Since I landed in Japan, I have't secured enough time to code. I'd like to maximize my learing -> tutorial time between meetings/nights.

I forgot how to do permutation/combination. I did deductive reasoning on paper. I confirmed I was right by looking at Khan Academy. I feel sort of good.

Went to Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC. It's huge and rich, refreshing to my soul. They caught my interest especially in; visually, American Art/Furniture, Oil scenery paintings, thought-provokingly, modern art corner named "reimagining Modern Art".

I started listening more than talking about my idea. Suddenly, things got moving.

Never sleep until you share what you've worked today with the world(I mean, with your friends).

Talked with bunch of guys on Skype. As I speak, I feel my words are forming up better.

Saw movie Ex Machina and went to Sleep No More. Both were really great, worth doing.

Watched "Moneyball(movie)". After watching it, I read an article "Can an NBA team adapt moneyball strategy?". Somebody was arguing that basketball is more of a "team sport", thus it only works to some extent. But if you're saying it's harder to adapt moneyball in other sports, that's where one sees opportunty in technology, right?

Listened to public Paul Graham office hour session held at TC Disrupt 2011. I am way more calm listening to it than I first saw it a few years ago..

I don't find much serendipity on Facebook feed. It's tiring, not energizing.

After reading several books on programming language, I finally started creating my programming language in Japanese.

Recently I've been watching a lot of Bloodbourne playthrough videos on YouTube(EpicNameBro is my favorite). From that, I've been collecting information about the game director, Miyazaki Hidetaka. He joined the developer company rather late, nearly at his 30. Then in 5 years, he joined "Demon Soul", which was sold about 2 million copies worldwide.

trying to 'insert' something in between something. do you think it's a good idea to take their values, and divide the difference by 2 and supply that as its sort_order val?

When learning, it is efficient to write down key sentences and come back later, try to answer them by recalling the subject. related topic

Learning React Native reminds me of learning Rails for the first time..